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Mount Meru in African Safari Style

Mount Meru is an active stratovolcano  located 70 kilometres (43 mi) west of  Mount Kilimanjaro in the nation of  Tanzania. At a height of 4,565 metres (14,977 ft), it is visible from Mt Kilimanj

Mount Baker or Kiyanja is a mountain in the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda, 2.8 kilometres (1.7 mi) from the border with Congo. With a height of 4,844 metres (15,892 ft) it is the sixth
Mount Speke in African Safari Style

Mount Speke lies in the Rwenzori Mountain National Parks in Uganda, Africa  and is the second highest peak in this range. Together with Mount Stanley  and Mount Baker   it forms a triangle enclosi
Mount Stanley in African Safari Style

Mount Stanley is a mountain  located in the Rwenzor range. With an elevation of 5,109 m (16,763 ft), it is the highest mountain of both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, and the third
Mount Kenya in African Safari Style

Mount Kenya is among of  the highest mountain  Africa, is the second-highest mountain in Africa  after Kilimanjaro, The highest peaks of the mountain are Batian (5,199 metres (17,057 ft)), Nelion
Mount Kilimanjaro in African Safari Style

Kilimanjaro, is highest mountain in Africa in northeast Tanzania near the Kenya border, rising in two snow-capped peaks to 5,898.7 m (19,340 ft). The higher of the two peaks was first climbed in 1889.
Grey Crowned Crane

The Grey Crowned Crane  is a bird in the crane family Gruidae. It occurs in dry savannah in Africa south of the Sahara, although it nests in somewhat wetter habitats. They can also be found in marshe
Africa Sacred Ibis in African Safari Style

The African Sacred Ibis has been introduced into France, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, and the United States (S. Florida).The introduced and rapidly growing populations in southern Europe are seen as a potent
Marabou bird in African Safari Style

The Marabou Stork (Leptoptilos crumeniferus) is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae.  It breeds in Africa south of the Sahara, in both wet and arid habitats, often near human habitatio
Herons bird in Africa

This is the world’s largest heron. The height is 120–152 cm (47–60 in), the wingspan is 185–230 cm (73–91 in) and the weight is 4–5 kg (8.8–11 lbs). Among standard measurements