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Venda tribe

Origin Similar to most tribes in South Africa, the Venda people moved there from Central Africa. They are among the last black community to cross the Limpopo River and settle in the Soutpansberg Mount
Sotho tribe

Origin Early Sotho origins and history is largely unknown, but Iron workers, who were probably Sotho-speakers, were at Phalaborwa from the eighth century and at Melville Koppies in the Johannesburg ar
Fulani tribe

Origin The Fula Kita (also known as the Fula Maasina) are located predominantly in the Maasina region of Mali. However, there are other smaller communities of Fula Kita in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoir

Origin The Bambara are among the most powerful and influential groups in Mali. They are also the largest ethnic group in the country. The Bambara live in the middle valley of the Niger River. They spe
Berbers tribe women

Origin The Berbers are native to North Africa and it is estimated that there are between 30 and 40 million Berber speaking people in Africa. The majority lives in Morocco and Algeria, with pockets of
Ashante tribe

Origin The period in which these Ashanti Ballads are set is the late 1950’s when the Gold Coast became Ghana – the first African colony to achieve independence. Much has changed since thos
Swazi tribe

Origin The Nguni clans, which originated in East Africa in the fifteenth century, moved into southern Mozambique and then into present-day Swaziland; the termabakwaNgwane(“Ngwane’s people&
kamba tribe

Origin Kambas were involved in the long distance trade during the pre-colonial period. In the mid-eighteenth century, a large number of Akamba pastoral groups moved eastwards towards the Tsavo and Kib
Luhya Tribe

Origin The true origin of the Abaluhya is disputable. According to their own oral literature, Luhyas migrated to their present day location from Egypt (north of Kenya). Some historians, however, belie
Kisii tribe

Origin The ancestral Gusii population entered western Kenya from Uganda and later moved from the foothills of Mount Elgon towards their present lands. They spent two generations living at Goye Bay nea