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kamba tribe

Origin Kambas were involved in the long distance trade during the pre-colonial period. In the mid-eighteenth century, a large number of Akamba pastoral groups moved eastwards towards the Tsavo and Kib
Luhya Tribe

Origin The true origin of the Abaluhya is disputable. According to their own oral literature, Luhyas migrated to their present day location from Egypt (north of Kenya). Some historians, however, belie
Kisii tribe

Origin The ancestral Gusii population entered western Kenya from Uganda and later moved from the foothills of Mount Elgon towards their present lands. They spent two generations living at Goye Bay nea
Kalenjin tribe

Origin The Kalenjin people of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania had the role of defending Egypt,up to the time of Herodotus. When Herodotus visited Egypt during the 5th century BCE, he encountered a sub-nati
luo tribe

Origin History indicates that the genesis of the Luo people is Sudan, along the River Nile. They traveled from this region to Kenya more than five centuries or 500 years ago. Upon reaching the country
kikuyu tribe

Origin As with other peoples in Africa, the Gikuyu—also spelled Kikuyu—comprise people of different origins. The 10 million Gikuyu (22 percent of the Kenyan population) live mainly in central Keny
Maasai tribe

Origin Standing proud in the savannah with their red blankets and painted shields, the Maasai people have become one of the more widely known symbols of East Africa; the Maasai shield is even featured