Smaller birds

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Canary bird in Africa

The domestic canary is one of the most widely kept and popular cage birds world-wide. They are inexpensive, easy to feed and house. They are beautiful to look at and they sing magnificently. There are
Pin-Tailed-Whydah in Africa

The waxbills are colourful but unobtrusive seedeaters with stout, conical bills. Most likely to be seen on safari are the purple grenadier, red-cheeked cordon-bleu, green-winged pytilia and red-billed
Sunbird in Africa

A sunbird is a very small forest bird that lives in the tropical areas of the South Pacific, Asia and Africa. There are about 100 species of sunbirds, all belonging to the Nectariniidae family, and th
Small birds in African Safari Style

Warblers – Almost 10% of Tanzania’s bird species belong to this family of small inconspicuous LBJs (‘little brown jobs’). This includes the most confusing of African bird genera, Cisticola, as