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Charity Tourism in Africa

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Charity tourism define that trips taken to destinations for the aim of helping host societies by providing services which help in daily life, or aid to disaster areas. This kind of tourism has expande

Charity Tourism in Africa Description

Charity tourism define that trips taken to destinations for the aim of helping host

societies by providing services which help in daily life, or aid to disaster areas.

This kind of tourism has expanded out in recent years ranging from lengthy safari which involve building work, development of the societies, and conservation, to one or two day contributions, such as litter clearing whilst on a trek.

Potential for Growth

You can call it “gap year” for example most of the students taking a year off to travel either before or after finished at university,this means that the youth of industrialized countries as virtually a rite of passage and, with the major contributor to charity tourism in Africa.

In a gap year students (estimated at around 60%), this market is set to grow at a

sustained and substantial rate over coming decades.

Consumer attitudes towards sustaining the world we live in are becoming increasingly intense, and in results, caring for the planet’s natural resources and poor communities, is assuming a higher priority for large numbers of people.

It can be assumed therefore that more people will actively seek to include themselves in conservation and other related programs, pushing up the demand for charity tourism.

The growth of charity tourism is also being driven by post-career travelers,most of them are 55 age group.

As the baby boom population (those born between 1946-1964) are increasingly active and travel more than their predecessors, so charity tourism will experience an increase in numbers from this segment of the population.

Main Competing Destinations

Most trips tend to be to the world’s poorest countries, typically these are situated in

Africa and Asia: Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Lesotho, Nepal and Tanzania are some

of the most popular charity tourism destinations in recent years.

Other destinations become popular for charity tourism due to natural disasters (and sometimes man-made disasters), such as the tsunami in South and South EastAsia

Key Tour Operators

Private companies, and charity organizations that work closely with travel agents to promote their trips and arrange flights dominate the market. A leading operator is i-to-i, which is not a charity itself but does operate a charity arm, the i-to-i Foundation,to support its most needy projects.

United Kingdom

Woodside House, 261 Low Lane, Leeds, LS18 5NY

Tel: (+44) 0800 011 1156

Raleigh International

United Kingdom

Third Floor, 207 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8XD

Tel: (+44) 20 7183 1270

Fax: (+44) 207 504 8094


United States

360 West 31st Street, Suite 1510, New York, NY 10001

Tel: 1

212 843 3973


United States (and worldwide)

3 Clock Tower Place, Suite 100, Box 75, Maynard, MA 01754

Tel: 1 800 776 0188, (978) 461 0081

Fax: (978) 461-2332



Travelplus Group GmbH, Münsterstrasse 111, 48155 Münster

Email: [email protected]

Key Points for Market

ing and Distribution

Should to be marketed primarily at gap year students, and therefore by contacting

specific student travel based companies such as STA (based internationally,

especially in the UK and US). Direct mail to students associations at universities &

colleges can be a particularly effective means of generating interest.

Some leading tour operators are looking

to increase charity tourism in their

portfolios. Explore ( is

introducing a volunteering element into

their holidays in 2008, and Virgin Holidays has pledged to include a responsible

travel aspect in its travel agent familiaris

ation trips, with a view to adding such

elements to future programmes.

Responsible Travel provides a directory of carefully screened holidays run by

hundreds of specialist operators and accommodations.

Travel magazines that are of particular relevance to charity tourism are:

Canada: Outpost

International: Brave New Traveller

United Kingdom: Wanderlust

United Kingdom: Real Travel

Social Networks

Yahoo for Good

Additional Information

General Information

Advice for international volunteers


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