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A 4 day Safari will enable you to view millions of different species living in one crater floor in Ngorongoro crater and Wildebeests migration in Serengeti. Day 1:  to Tarangire National Park. After
Stork-Yellow in African Safari Style

Pelicans – The larder-billed great white pelican is a massive white bird with black underwings and a large yellow pouch. The smaller pink-backed pelican has a light grey back and dark flight feather
Serengeti National in African Safari Style

A million wildebeest… each one driven by the same ancient rhythm, fulfilling its instinctive role in the inescapable cycle of life: a frenzied three-week bout of territorial conquests and mating
Travel-lodges in Africa Safari Style

Travel Logue in Serengeti We arrived there around midday – it was hot, dry and we were tired, but I was armed with a bottle of water, a cameras and my binoculars, and nothing could dampen my spirits